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Niedziela, 19 I 2020 r.

Human centric computing paradigms, computing with words, and intelligent decision support systems: a synergistic combination?

We start with a brief presentation of some new computing paradigms that try to attain a synergy, and bridge the gap between the human user and computer systems, notably the so-called: human centric computing, human centered computing, human computing, etc.

We view these new computing paradigms from a decision making and decision support perspective. We start with some brief account of modern approaches to real world decision making, emphasize the concept of a decision making process that involves more factors and aspects like: the use of explicit and tacit knowledge, intuition, individual habitual domains, non-trivial rationality, different paradigms, etc. We advocate the need for computer based decision support systems that should exhibit some “intelligence” which is meant in an individual and collective perspective.

Then, we present Zadeh’s paradigm of computing with words (and perceptions) as a tool that may help bring computing closer to the human being by an explicit use of (quasi)natural language in many phases of computing, problem solving, etc.

We indicate relations between the computing with words and human centric computing paradigms, and indicate – first – that the former can be viewed as an attempt at providing proper tools to implement the latter, and that both can play a crucial role in intelligent decision support systems.

We show some implementations of using linguistic data summaries in a business context and show that they can be viewed as extremely human consistent data mining tools, notably for novice users.

januszkacprzyk.jpgJanusz Kacprzyk
Fellow of IEEE, IFSA
Systems Research Institite
Polish Academy of Sciences


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